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Notesbrowser Main Screen :: Screenshot 1/3

Notesbrowser Main Screen

Reminder open :: Screenshot 2/3

Date Reminder is open

Different notes field arrangement :: Screenshot 3/3

Different notes field arrangement


More screenshots of our organizer software Notesbrowser can be found here.



Celebrating 14 Years Notesbrowser and 10 Years Wave!

We are very happy to announce that we founded our company Wave Digital Studios GmbH 10 years ago!

Also our product Notesbrowser was first released 14 years ago!

Your Notesbrowser Team

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Notesbrowser Editor Beta is released!

After more than one year of development we are very proud to present our new product Notesbrowser Editor!

Screenshot of Notesbrowser Editor
Screenshot of Notesbrowser Editor:: Screenshot 1/1
(click on the screenshot to zoom)

The release of the final version is planned for August 2014 September 2014. But here you can try the beta version which is very stable and reliable.


Notesbrowser Editor works basically like a text editor. But instead of text files it is for Notesbrowser files (.nbw files).

Because it bahaves like a text editor, you will not have problems to understand and use it!

More information can be found on our beta page

New features:

  • Notesbrowser Editor opens a single category - no column of categories is on the right side
  • supports different locations on PC, flash drive or network location (UNC paths are supported)
  • supports drag & drop to open files, 'open' file dialog, association with .nbw files
  • remembers the last file and location and opens it at next start
  • behaves like every other window, can be zoomed, resized and moved
  • can be resized to fill multiple screens
  • 64bit version is avaliable (coming soon for our other products!)
  • absolutely lightweight

Download Beta:

Notesbrowser Editor English 32bit

Download Notesbrowser Editor Beta 32Bit
Notesbrowser Editor English 64bit

Download Notesbrowser Editor Beta 64Bit

Installation: Just unzip and start the exe.

Beta software disclaimer:
This is beta software, this means: Be careful, there may be undiscovered bugs.
Please backup your Notesbrowser database before you install and update often!
Please post bugs into our Notesbrowser Forum or contact us directly. Thank you!


The Beta version can be tested free of charge. But it is already possible to order Notesbrowser Editor for only 14 US$ here:

If you buy Notesbrowser Bundle the Editor is also included now!

Have fun with our new product!

Your Notesbrowser Team

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