If we do not respond to your Notesbrowser order/payment

Please ask here if you have problems with order or payment process or your registration data is not coming in time.
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If we do not respond to your Notesbrowser order/payment

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If a registration data was delayed more than 48 hours it was because:

1) The Email address of our customer (you) did not work. To avoid this, please double check the Email address at order process! A single different letter will make you Email address useless for us.

2) Our registration data Email was filtered out by your Spam filter. This sometimes happens. We don't know the reason, but sometimes mails from Notesbrowser are filtered out as false positives. We can not change this, this can only be changed by the person or company who administrates your Email filter. Please check your Spam-Folder if you have one.

3) If there is no response please send us an Email from a different(!) Email address, if possible from a different Email provider (for example if you use GMX, send us a mail from GMail or Yahoo.

4) If that all does not help, call our telephone number, it's on our contact page, and leave your name and number.

5) Or leave a message in this Forum, we will read it and answer to it.

6) Last possible solution: send us your postal address by Email and we send your registration data to you by postal mail.

Thank you,
Dirk Schwenke, NB Team
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