Synchronize Notesbrowser between Computers

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Synchronize Notesbrowser between Computers

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I travel in my work and would like to use Notesbrowser on both my desktop and laptop computers. I do not see a way to synchronize between computers. Can you help me with this?

Easiest solution to do this is to use an USB stick. You can install Notesbrowser on the USB stick and use it on both computers, or you can even move your Notesbrowser installation folder to the USB stick. You can run Notesbrowser without problems from the USB stick, only you could renew the shortcuts on your desktop to start it easier, also do not forget to change the shortcuts in the start menu and the startup folder if you need them. You have to use a password protected USB stick for security sensible data.

Second solution is to use the backup/recover feature to copy the database from one computer to another. You can do this if you have a mapped network drive. This is possible because the backup feature basically copies the file to a different location, e.g. from desktop PC to laptop. If the backup destination folder is the path where Notesbrowser runs on the laptop, you can use it then. After you used and changed the Notesbrowser files on your Laptop, you can import them back with the recover feature to your desktop computer.

Third solution is to use the second solution but do not use a network mapped drive but an USB stick for cache, meaning you make a backup from the desktop computer to your USB stick, then "recover" the data from the USB stick using the Laptop. Or even just start from the laptop. To get the data back to your desktop PC, do the opposite direction.

Because you have to be sure that you always copy in the right direction you should make an extra backup of your data often by copying your Notesbrowser folder by hand. This also applies to the USB stick solution, because if you loose the stick all your data is gone.
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