Security and password protection

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Security and password protection

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How do I secure my information in Notesbrowser? Is it possible to protect it with a password?

At this time, Notesbrowser saves it's data in plain text files in the Notesbrowser folder. There is at this time no additional security. But the data is only stored locally on your hard disk and not anywhere in the Internet and not in a Cloud. This means to access your Notesbrowser data someone needs access to your computer. That one will also be able to read all other information you store on your PC.

So the Notesbrowser data has the same security level like all the other data on your hard drive, for example if you have Word Documents or Excel, they are unprotected as long as you don't password protect them.

Some other programs allow additional password protection which is sometimes a false sense of security because if the encryption of the file is not done right, there may be tools that can break the protection. We don't want to implement this false sense of security so if we do it, we will try to do it right. Tis is on our features list, but this is not an easy task to do right so we cannot say if and when it will be available.

Usually, if your system is up to date and protected by updated Antivirus software and therefore likely cannot be accessed by hackers from the Internet and no other person has access to your computer, the data on the local hard disk is pretty save.

If you want to store sensitive information in Notesbrowser or on your computer generally, and you would like to protect this data very good, there is some effort on your side necessary, sorry. You need to read a bit about security topics then.

In the past we recommend to install TrueCrypt but it is unsupported now. But there are some similar tools. With these tools you can create an encrypted and password protected "volume" and install Notesbrowser in this volume. You can also simply move your Notesbrowser installation there (by moving the Notesbrowser folder). Notesbrowser will launch and work in this volume.

It is alternatively also possible to encrypt a whole partition or even a storage device (for example a USB flash drive) which will then be fully encrypted and protected.
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