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Miss Keeper

XML File Import

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I am really sorry if this is not how I am suppose to post a question, but I didn't see any other way to do it
just yet. I just d/l your 1.7 version and it looks impressive. Can you "import" an .xml file ? Mainly what I am talking about is - I use Verizon's browser and it stores the Bookmarks / Favorites in "one" file and it is an xml file - the only way I can access it (that I know of) is when I have the browser open, and unfortunately I have no way to "backup" my favorites from this browser (other than copying the file somewhere else), unless I copy/paste each single one when I have the browser open and this would take forever ! I noticed your files are in an xml format and was just curious if I had actually found a program that I could really use. Please let me know. Thank you. Donna

And I'm sorry if I posted this the wrong way - it's actually my first post - and you can tell me how to for the next time ?
Could you email me in case I don't get back here ? Thank you.
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Dirk Schwenke
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thank you for your post, it is correct here.

First, I am sorry but import of XML files is not supported now. This would also be not so easy, because they need to be in a format Notesbrowser recognizes, and there may be unlimited different XML files which need to be supported. But I think there is a solution to your problem, you can open the XML File with another tool, which can give you better access to the Bookmarks and makes it possible to have the bookmarks as Plain Text which you then can copy in Notesbrowser easily with copy&paste.

I recommend to use a XML Viewer or if you have it, MS Excel to do the conversion to Plain Text. I can show you how it works if you paste me an example XML file (not your bookmarks, they are private, just some examples so I can see how the structure of the XML file is.

You can post the file here or mail it to dsATnotesbrowser.com (replace AT with @).

Bye, Dirk
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