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For suggestions what you miss in Notesbrowser
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Feature Collection from the forum

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---this list will be extended permanetly --- Last updated June 2023 ---

High Priority:
- browser buttons (back, forward) (already realized in Notesbrowser Editor)
- Support of smartphones (iPhone, WinMobile, Android), iPad, Mac, Linux

Medium Priority:
- one page is adjustable to be the page that is selected on first start of Notesbrowser
- color "highlight" function for the font (background color)
- better table handling (add/remove columns, adjust column size)
- Drag&Drop of categories and pages between categories
- "Check for Update" feature
- Search field and other maybe not needed icons can be hidden
- ability to add tables instead of text fields
- make templates: save a page as a template / copy of a Page format
- support zipped backup files
- support zipped skin files
- copy and paste snippets from web pages with text and images

Low Priority:
- Import/Export feature for some formats (e.g. txt, rtf, html, xml)
- Password protection (have a look at this dicussion here http://www.notesbrowser.com/forum/viewt ... ?f=2&t=529)
- the three category columns can be switched with each other
- more than three category columns
- double click on format copy will format the text several times without having to return and click on format copy each time
- put the arrows to switch the columns both under the column like this < >
- a clipboard type feature - a function key that would automatically paste into a chosen page/text field, with timestamp
- more shortcut keys for the background colors
- a repeat last action button
- add dashed lines like this _______ to separate paragraphs in a text fields, by button and shortcut
- a quick menu button to clear/empty a field so that it becomes blank
- more colors for category buttons and fields
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