Backup questions

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Backup questions

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I really like this neat little program that you have but I have a few questions about backup. First I have noticed that it seems to save everything automatically. If that is true is the data being saved in it's C:\Program Files location? And Auto Save and backup are two different things, correct? I've also created a folder separate from the Program Files folder for backups, but I've noticed that when I back up everything manually, that it goes to both, that created backup folder and to it's Program Files location. Is that the way it's supposed to work? I would have thought that it would just be backed up in one location.

Also, both in the Program Files folder and the newly created backup folder, I've noticed that there are lot's of single individual files. What are all of these and why can't there just be a single file for backups, like other programs?
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Re: Backup questions

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first to answer most of your questions, please read the section "Background Information" in this thread:

Yes you are right, Notesbrowser auto saves in many single files (69 files). This is mainly of speed reasons. The saving is going on while you work and do certain actions, for example minimize Notesbrowser or change categories. You can see that Notesbrowser saves when you watch the save button which will change then.

The backup is very simple, it copies all the files that hold data or configuration from the Notesbrowser folder to the changeable backup folder. Yes you are right it would be much better to zip the files. It's on our internal todo list for quite a while. Now I have also put it on our Forum feature wish list:

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