Notes browser data entirely lost

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Notes browser data entirely lost

Post by Odlannier »

I had found NotesBrowser a great programm especially for busy people like myself, with a construction company, the staff, an Environmental NGO, my personal family data,
all the related URLs and even bank account sensitive info that I had spent days on end to write, organize, update and set, including reminders for all my pending meetings
at the National Engineering Academy and the Society of Engineers whic whoul allow me to manage all those activities.

After starting my laptop today I found this message from NotesBrowser (Unable to load application. System/nb.dll file missing. Reinstall the program to correct this problem).

Goodness Gracious! I trusted this message would solve the problem, but NO it erased EVERYTHING!!! No longer backup, no files, no notes, NOT ANYTHING. TOTAL FAILURE!

Couldn't you have set this program with (in my view) a simple and logical command to keep the files from the old program when reinstalling the new system files?

It wouldn't have taken much trouble and it would have avoided people to rework all the settings this program needs if one is to use it professionally with some degree of success
and biz advantage. It means that I cannot go work right away in any of these files, but will have to start all this process again. This brought to me a heavy deception from what
I had expected to be a very serious solution provider and application program.

When you have corrected this simple but catastrophic bug I may think about registering and buying. I fear to painfully reconfig NB once more, because heavy doubts
I may lose a lot of time and it will be under risk of being erased.

Regards and sorry for the rattling, because I am much frustrated and I do not feel better,

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Nico Külper
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Re: Notes browser data entirely lost

Post by Nico Külper »

Hi Odlanier,

sorry for the late reply to your post.

Your problem is a big one that is realy bad and combined with much work to reproduce the contents manual. I don't know, if there is a tecknical solution for reproducing you data, but if you make backups regularly the data should have been saved somewhere at your laptop. That depends on the drive you have choosen to save the backups.

At the moment Dirk is not available, but maybe he has got another simple solution to reproduce your data automatically.

I have reported your trouble with notesbrowser to him an he will give you some advice and support for getting back your data when he is available again.

Sorry for your trouble.

Kind regards,
Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. Nico Külper
Sales manager
Wave Digital Studios GmbH
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Dirk Schwenke
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Re: Notes browser data entirely lost

Post by Dirk Schwenke »

Hi Odlanier,
I have to answer you from a very slow Internet connection from my holidays and can not answer long and may not be able to respond fast.

First, we apologize for the inconveniences. Data loss is alwasy a serious issue and we understand that you are angry. But, it may not be our fault at all.

To your problem: Your data is still there. Nothing is deleted, nothing is lost. The data is 100% ok in the folder where you have installed Notesbrowser. Notesbrowser never deletes any files, there is no feature that does it in Notesbrowser so if not you or any other program you use have deleted the Notesbrowser data, it is still there. Please read the Notesbrowser database related threads in this Forum to find out where Notesbrowser saves it's data.

The error message that you send is simply telling you that the file nb.dll is missing and you need to install Notesbrowser again.

Did you try that?
What exactly did you do before the error message?
What did you do after it?

I wonder where the file nb.dll went. It is a program file of Notesbrowser and something or someone on your Laptop must have killed it. Maybe a virus? Or a hard disk failure?

Please check you laptop what's going on. Reinstalling Notesbrowser will probably bring back your data, but there seams to be something wrong on your system.

Please consider backups, like written in our manual. A Windows system or hard disk can crash anytime and all your data will be lost if it does - with every program - if you do not make backups. Making a backup in Notesbrowser is very straight forward - a simple key press (F9).

So please answer if and how you could recover your data, and if not what you did to recover it so we can help you.

Be sure to read the Forum threads on the Notesbrowser database!
Dirk Schwenke,
Notesbrowser Team

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