Download Notesbrowser Editor 2.4

Here you can download Notesbrowser Editor! Try it (free of charge)*

Download Notesbrowser Editor Setup 64bit


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Notesbrowser Editor works like a text editor. But instead of text files it opens and edits Notesbrowser files (.nbw files). Where a text editor has only one large text, in Notesbrowser files there can be many notes text fields on different pages.

Because it behaves like a text editor, you will not have problems to understand and use it. It also has features of a browser, e.g. you can choose a homepage and you have back and forward buttons.

It's very performant programmed and has only basic features. It starts instantly and needs nearly no system ressources.

The editor is fully compatible to Notesbrowser Pro, Notesbrowser Lite and Notesbrowser Freeware!

It includes the Freeform Mode that is known from Notesbrowser Pro. This means that you can arrange text fields and change the size.

* Restrictions if not registered

You can test Notesbrowser Editor for free as long as you want, only at each start there is a nag screen window which counts down and reminds you to register.

New features:

  • Notesbrowser Editor can only open a single category (one single Notesbrowser file) at a time and does not have a column of categories on the right side.
  • It can open Notesbrowser files everywhere on your PC, flash drive or network location (UNC paths are supported).
  • Supports drag & drop: Drag a Notesbrowser file on the editor and it will open it. There is also an 'open file dialog'.
  • You can associated the editor with .nbw files (Notesbrowser files) and then you can open all Notesbrowser files just with a double click.
  • Remembers the last file and opens it.
  • Notesbrowser Editor has browser features: It combines the editor and browser and opens and edits Notesbrowser files (.nbw files) like a charm. The browser functionality makes it much easier to navigate between your files, stored wherever you like.
  • it supports browser functionality like: homepage, history, previous page and next page
  • there is a fast access button for opening Notesbrowser files in the same folder
  • you can select at first start between portable mode (for flash drives) and default Windows paths
  • Single file, no installation needed. Just unzip it! (but for your convenience, there is also a setup available)

Download Notesbrowser Editor Setup 32bit:

Here you can download the 32bit Setup version.

Please be aware the if you download you accept our End-user License Agreement.

Download Notesbrowser Editor Setup 32bit
Notesbrowser Editor Setup 32bit
The 32bit download is only for legacy systems!
Size: ~2 MB
Windows® 32bit


Download Notesbrowser Editor ZIP Archive (no Setup, Portable):

Here you can download the 32bit and 64bit Windows® version of Notesbrowser Editor (Portable).

If in doubt, try the 64bit version first. If you get a message that your Windows® is not compatible, download the 32bit version.

Please be aware the if you download you accept our End-user License Agreement.

Download Notesbrowser Editor
Notesbrowser Editor English 64bit (Portable)
Size: ~2 MB
Windows® 64bit

Download Notesbrowser Editor 32Bit
Notesbrowser Editor English 32bit (Portable)
The 32bit download is only for legacy systems!
Size: ~2 MB
Windows® 32bit


  1. Download the ZIP file
  2. Un-Zip the file in a folder of your choice. Suggestion: C:\Program Files\Notesbrowser Editor   or [Flash-drive-volume]:\Notesbrowser Editor
  3. Create a shortcut to the file Notesbrowser Editor.exe, for example on the Desktop
  4. Optional: Associate the file extension .nbw with the Notesbrowser Editor.exe

That's it!

Update from older Notesbrowser Editor versions

You can find update instructions here.


You can find uninstallation instructions here.


It is now possible to order Notesbrowser Editor here:

If you buy our product Notesbrowser Bundle, the Editor is also included!

More Screenshots:


You can use the Freeform mode to change the size of the text fields