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Notesbrowser can be downloaded here for free:

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Please be aware the if you download you accept our End-user License Agreement.


Notesbrowser only as shareware version

Notesbrowser can now only be installed as Professional Version for new users. This is a Shareware Version that can be tried for free as long as you wish. There is only a message window at startup that can be clicked away after a few seconds (a so-called nag screen).

Users of the Freeware Version can continue to use it as Freeware after updating to the current version 2.4. But the upcoming Notesbrowser 3 Version will not contain a freeware version anymore.

The Professional Edition (and also the Freeware Version) can be activated anytime with a registration number.

Standard Installation (with setup)

  1. Click with the right mouse button on a download image
  2. Choose “Save target as...” and download the file
  3. Localize the file on your hard disk and launch it
  4. Accept all possible warnings from Windows. Do NOT run the setup in a sandbox or similar or your notes will not be saved!
  5. Follow the on-screen setup instructions


Download Notesbrowser without Setup (Portable) or download 32bit version

Go to this page to download other options. Keep in mind that the download file for Freeware it the same as for Shareware. They are byte by byte identical.

You choose after installation at the first start if you want to use Freeware or Shareware.

Download page


System Requirements

Windows® 32bit or 64bit


Our warranty

If you have decided to use the Freeware version, we grant you:

  • The free version of Notesbrowser is a full version. It's not a demo.
  • The Freeware version will not expire and will not display nag-screens.
  • There are no 'half working' or disabled features
  • All features are fully functional, just as described
  • There is no advertising in Notesbrowser (there are descriptions of the professional version, but only in the tutorial, which can be deleted)

Generally we grant you:

  • Notesbrowser does not incorporate any Spyware
  • It will not send any files anywhere or make 'silent' connections to the Internet
  • Your computer will not be trashed
  • No DLL's and other files will be copied to the Windows or System folder
  • Notesbrowser is subjected to tests of major anti virus programs before its release
  • You will not need to register Online for an account to use this program