Download Notesbrowser Lite 2.4

Here you can download Notesbrowser Lite. Try it free of charge*

Download Notesbrowser Lite Setup 64bit
(32bit Version available below)


Screenshot of Notesbrowser Lite

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* nag-screen if you have not registered


Notesbrowser Lite is a lightweight version of Notesbrowser Professional. It is reduced to the core: notes keeping and organizing. Notesbrowser Lite is a small program and loads extremely fast.

Notesbrowser Lite is a tool that is of small size but powerful enough to manage thousands of notes.

* Restrictions if not registered

You can test Notesbrowser Lite for free as long as you want, but at each start there is a nag screen window and there is also a text at the bottom that reminds you to register. If you register the Wave logo at the bottom will also be removed.


Download Setup

You can download Notesbrowser Lite Setup (English) here.
Please be aware the if you download you accept our End-user License Agreement.

         Download Notesbrowser Lite Setup 32bit
Notesbrowser Lite English 32bit
Size: ~2 MB
Windows® 32bit
The 32bit download is only for legacy systems! If you get a message that your Windows® is not compatible, try the 32bit version.

Notesbrowser Lite Setup (English) 64bit:

         Download Notesbrowser Lite Setup 64bit
Notesbrowser Lite English 64bit
Size: ~2 MB
Windows® 64bit


Download Zip Archive (Portable)

You can download Notesbrowser Lite Zip Archive (English) 32bit (Portable) here.

         Download Notesbrowser Lite Zip Archive 32bit

Notesbrowser Lite English 32bit (Portable)
Size: ~2 MB
Windows® 32bit

Notesbrowser Lite Zip Archive (English) 64bit (Portable):

         Download Notesbrowser Lite Zip Archive 64bit

Notesbrowser Lite English 64bit (Portable)
Size: ~2 MB
Windows® 64bit

Installation with ZIP Archive (Portable):

  1. Download the ZIP file
  2. Un-Zip the file in a folder of your choice.
    Suggestion: C:\Program Files\Notesbrowser Lite   or for portable installations: [Flash-drive-volume]:\Notesbrowser Lite
  3. Create a shortcut to the file Notesbrowser Lite.exe, for example on the Desktop and the taskbar
  4. That's it!



Update from an older Notesbrowser Lite version

You can find update instructions here.


Uninstallation of Notesbrowser Lite

You can find uninstallation instructions here.



Register Notesbrowser Lite

Here you can order Notesbrowser Lite:

If you order, you accept our General terms of business.



  • Notesbrowser Lite Download: $25.00 USD



You can order Online and pay with your credit card. All transactions will be conducted using a secure Online ordering form on an SSL-encrypted webpage (HTTPS).PayPal-Logo

Note: You don't need to register to PayPal to pay with them, you can pay as a 'guest'. You don't need to create a PayPal account!


Information regarding your order

  • We review most of the orders manually and this can result in a delay of up to two business days. Please be patient and allow some time until we send you your registration data via email
  • If you experience ordering problems or a delay of more than three business days, please use our contact form to contact us!
  • Usually if customers do not get our registration email, the reason is that the email address they provided is not working. This can be because of a typo, or because the mail server rejects our emails. To avoid this, please include a second working email address
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  • You can also send us an Email:

Who will love Notesbrowser Lite?

Notesbrowser Lite will be very useful for Notesbrowser users who have used Notesbrowser quite a while and use it mostly for notes keeping and do not use other features like the calendar or reminder.

Notesbrowser Lite is very basic. If you have never used Notesbrowser you should install and try it first. However, normal PC users will get along with Notesbrowser Lite fast.

Notesbrowser Lite can be used together with Notesbrowser Professional. They are 100% compatible. For example, you can use Notesbrowser Lite to organize the notes and tasks that you use daily and use Notesbrowser Professional to store dates and organize notes and projects you need only infrequently.

Intentionally not included in Notesbrowser Lite

Notesbrowser Lite is like Notesbrowser Professional, but not:

  • no reminder
  • no calendar
  • only one column with categories
  • no skins
  • no icons
  • no printing
  • no in-built backup
  • no plugins
  • no playlists
  • no internal links
  • only basic settings
  • only a few menus
  • only one executable program file



Notesbrowser Lite has these features:

  • free notes arrangement (Freeform mode)
  • notes keeping with 20 categories
  • up to 50 pages per category (like in Notesbrowser)
  • predefined page layouts
  • fast search
  • colors to organize notes
  • drag&drop of categories and pages
  • copy and paste of categories and pages (compatible to Notesbrowser)
  • some settings (font, word wrap, etc.)
  • formatting of text (with right click menu)
  • the text fields work exactly like in Notesbrowser
  • runs on a flash drive (with portable mode)
  • uses little system resources


Runs on flash drives

Notesbrowser Lite is small and it works is perfect for flash drives: Notesbrowser Lite uses (in portable mode) only files or folders in its own folder. It does not rely on the registry or anything outside its folder. So to use it on a flash drive, just install it there and select portable mode on the first start from the selection screen.

Now you can carry your notes always with you.


Report bugs

We developed Notesbrowser Lite to be as stable as possible. However, if you found a bug, please report it to us so that we can remove it: Contact form

Or write us an Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More Screenshots of Notesbrowser Lite:


First start - main screen

Choose field design from template

Adjust your own field design


Many colorful notes fields